What to reply when some body ask ' what's up'?

Answer Usually when somebody asks 'what's up' it's because they sense something is bothering you. So because of their concern and out of courtesy you should tell them 'what's up'."Well, two weeks ago my u... Read More »

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Whats the best way to get some sleep when you have a tickly cough?

It's a pain in the neck - quite literally! But in my experience - and I get a lot of tickly coughs - there are only 2 options. I've tried all the lemon and honey, whisky toddies, herbal remedies ... Read More »

How to see what you commented on youtube when people reply to you?

Yes just go to your youtube account and go to inbox it will show who replied to your comment. Not only that but your email should also notify you when they replied to your comment. So make sure you... Read More »

I truely need some help. Only serious people reply please.?

What Happens when One Body in Space Blocks Light from Another Body?

In space, when a celestial body blocks the light from another celestial body, this is known as an eclipse. On Earth, we have the opportunity to view two different types of eclipses: lunar and solar... Read More »