What to put on facebook status, after finishing a cheating girlfriend?

Answer Don't mention the cheating business ... yet, but you can put something like:Ive looked at love from both sides nowFrom give and take, and still somehowIts loves illusions I recallI really dont know... Read More »

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Um hello what's your status & how do you add your boyfriend/girlfriend/lover relationship to Facebook?

It also doesn't allow you to put a specific room as an address. Yes I live with my mom but I do have my own room that she isn't allowed in......except to get my laundry. Yes ladies, the perfect m... Read More »

Facebook: ok so i accidently hit the show less status' button on one of my friends status', how do i fix it?

Go to the bottom of your home page and Click on News feed OptionsDelete that friend from the list of "less about these people"

Things to put as my facebook status as in "if you like my status i'll rate you 1-10"?

"like my status if you are in love""like my status and i will put something i like about you on your wall""POKE me if you've ever had a crush on me. LIKE this status if you think I'm a good friend.... Read More »

How to Know if Your Girlfriend Is Cheating on You?

Sometimes, a good relationship can be ruined by mistrusting your girlfriend. But there are always suspicions... How do you find out if your girlfriend is honest without putting your relationship at... Read More »