What to put on a little burn?

Answer Aloe Vera Plants - open up a stem and rub the juice on the burn -presto it is healed

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Do you have bad heart burn every day even if you eat very little?

Now an then.Call your PCP and have them make an appointment with a GI Specialist.The GI Doctor will don an Endoscopy to see what your problem is. Years ago,I had bad Reflux. I was part of a study f... Read More »

Horrible second degree burn! please help my little brother!?

Third-degree burns occur when most of the epidermis is lost with damage to underlying ligaments, tendons and muscle. Burn victims will exhibit charring of the skin, and sometimes hard eschars will ... Read More »

HI All a little help needed so i can burn dvds i have downloaded but need a good programme to use any ideas?

What's that little bubble that comes up when you get a burn?

Its fluid that your body produces when your skin is "burned" it like your body's natural cooling ability. since you have popped them you must keep them clean. put some antibiotic ointment on it wit... Read More »