What to make with pancake batter mix?

Answer Pancake mix is extremely versatile and can be used to make a wide variety of dishes. In addition to pancakes and waffles, the batter mix can also be used to make biscuits, dumplings, pie crust, coo... Read More »

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Can you make crepes with pancake batter?

Crepes can be made with pancake batter as long as it is watered down enough. suggests that crepe batter should only be as thick as heavy cream. Different types of flour can be used to... Read More »

Can you make a funnel cake with pancake batter?

You can make funnel cakes with pancake batter, but the funnel cake will turn out like a pancake in a funnel-cake design. Most funnel cake batter is made with an additional egg and a little more liq... Read More »

Can you refrigerate pancake batter?

Pancake batter made with baking soda cannot be refrigerated because it will lose its leavening power overnight. However, batter made with baking powder can be stored overnight. Storing anything in ... Read More »

Is pancake batter a solution?

Pancake batter is considered a solution because upon mixture, the batter is completely mixed up, evenly distributed and forms a homogeneous mixture. The flour mixture that makes up the batter event... Read More »