What to make for dinner help asap?

Answer Cook and then mash the potatoes , add the peas and green beans to mashed potatoes , then later on fry them up like " bubble n squeak ", couple of fried eggs / sausage or something easy cheap meal .

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HELP ASAP i need to make dinner for my friend!?

It doesn't matter whether you start with macaroni that you measure yourself and cheese that you measure yourself or pre-measured macaroni from a box--except that the pre-measured box costs a lot mo... Read More »

My mom is coming over later today and i need to make something for dinner what should i make Please Help!!!?

Depends what type of food she likes (and you)!.I made an onion pie last week which was really good - you basically caramelise 4 red onions in a pan for about half an hour, then put into a pie dish,... Read More »

ASAP HELP...I would like to make a website for free.?

Get a domain name and a host. You could also set up your own webserver on a spare computer. (free webserver) (free database) (free scri... Read More »

Having a dinner party tonight. How can I get my "friends" to get the hell put of my house ASAP.?