What to look for when watching shows on HD?

Answer Resolution and clarity. If a show is recorded in HD they just trim it down with encoding to display it in SD, so between the two you won't see physical differences like with movies in widescreen..

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Is it justifiable to be reading books on abusive men visiting abuse websites watching talk shows where the topic is abuse when things are going well as opposed to when the abuser is raging?

Answer It's not a good idea to even entertain the thought of staying with an abusive man. Why are you bothering with all of the books and other efforts? RUN!

What is the percent of people watching investigation shows?

Abhijeet - Case of the Stolen Dynamite Daya - Case of the skeleton in Paddy field

I have a samsung le37r88bd, the picture quality is good when watching hdtv but rubbish when watching normal tv?

There's not much you can do when watching standard definition on a HDTV. It will always be a bit grainy. SD is 480 lines of resolution. HD is 720 or 1080. There's no way to increase SD. You can try... Read More »

How can you make someone understand that the time for reading books and websites and watching talk shows is when everything is going smoothly and not while the abuser is having one of his tantrums?

Answer You have to ask yourself why it's important you care whether this person understands or not. In fact, it sounds like they think you're making the whole thing up. If this is a good friend o... Read More »