What to look for in infected cuts and how to heal them?

Answer I agree with this answerers answer:Any redness and swelling is a sign of an infection. If the wounds are oozing a yellowish liquid. Any good antibacterial creme will work for healing an infection f... Read More »

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What are the signs of infected cuts and how do I treat them?

Increasing redness, swelling and heat would be primary signs of an infection. Small cuts that are shallow and get washed out right away with soap and water are unlikely to get infected. If you're u... Read More »

Do cuts and bruises that have scabbed over heal faster with a band-aid on them?

Once a wound has a scab it is naturally protected and there is no reason to use a bandaid to cover them. Leaving a scabbed-over wound open to air is best to promote completion of the healing proce... Read More »

Are my cuts infected What do I do?

No. They will get healed in a couple of days.

What is the best way to heal cuts FAST?

Put on the triple antibiotic before bed! Also.. NEVER put makeup over an open cut! :P You already knew that.. just reiterating.. :P