What to keep in a first aid kit?

Answer BandagesGauze and tape (and small scissors to cut both)Some sort of antiseptic, maybe a bottle of hydrogen peroxideClean cotton pads to apply the peroxideAntibotic ointmentTweezers (for slivers and... Read More »

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What should I keep in my first aid kit?

The Boy Scouts of America suggests that you have the following in a general First Aid Kit:Bar of soap2-inch roller bandage1-inch roller bandage1-inch adhesive3-by-3-inch sterile pads1 Abdominal Pad... Read More »

Do you keep a first aid kit in your house or car?

I keep an extensive first aid kit at home. My daughter has a gastrostomy (a feeding tube in her stomach) so I have to be covered for eventualities like her tube being accidentally pulled out (this... Read More »

Which medicine should you keep in the first aid box?

Basic pain relief such as paracetamol should be kept in the first aid kit. If you have any medications for a medical condition that should be kept. Examples are asthma, angina diabetes etc. Some fa... Read More »

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