What to go to on babydow to plant seeds for twins on babydow?

Answer Here is what you do, go to your garden, where it says how much fertilizer you have, it should say how many mandrake elrixs, ME, the twin thing.

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How do you get more magical seeds in Babydow?

You just need to go to the boutique, click on seeds and buy either a cabbage seed for a boy, or rose for a girl. They each cost 1000 beads. Hope I helped :D If you need Magic Seeds then go to the F... Read More »

How to Become Popular on Babydow?

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How to Look After Your Baby on Babydow?

Babydow is a great game, its the only chance you get to have your very own virtual baby, but sometimes you won't always do things right. this article tells you how to look after your Babydow baby, ... Read More »

How do you earn money on babydow?

visiting your baby each daybuying the need for your babywinning a activtyif you lose your snuggy you when 50 beads but does anybody know how to wake up your baby? (this question was asked )you can'... Read More »