What to get a 21 year old sister for Christmas?

Answer You get her a necklace or a bracelet ot show her you love her.

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What should I do if my older sister won't get up on Christmas?

What should you get your older sister for Christmas?

Get her something she really enjoys, like a gift certificate, or book, phone, toy, game, card, or something you made that would even be nice, like a scarf or something. Actually, it depends on the ... Read More »

21 year old girl sharing a bed with a 16 year old girl family member is this wrong as her 13 year old sister is also in the same room?

If the bed is being shared for sleeping there is nothing wrong. Not every family has the space and/or money to provide single beds and/or rooms for everyone. Years ago it was common for for three t... Read More »

What was Scrooge's sister's name in 'A Christmas Carol'?

FanFannie Scrooge was his younger sister. Scrooge loved him dearly but she died young.