What to file on a W-4 form if you are single& working full time?

Answer On One Hand: Up to Two Personal AllowancesAccording to the Internal Revenue Service form W-4, if you are single and work full time at a single job, you can claim up to two personal allowances. You ... Read More »

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How can I find a grant I want to stay home with my autistic son, I work fulltime, I am a fulltime student?

Is there a possibility of cutting back the number of classes you take at a time?Also, if you do end up needing another school for your son, please contact you local public school system. They provi... Read More »

How long must you be single to file as single on taxes?

According to the Internal Revenue Agency, a taxpayer may file under single status if she is single, divorced or legally separated on the last day of the tax year being filed.Source:Internal Revenue... Read More »

Where do you file a form 709 tax form in the state of California?

All taxpayers file Form 709, the United States Gift Tax Return, at the same address, regardless of their state of residence. For 2009, send Forms 709 to the IRS office in Cincinnati.Department of t... Read More »

Do you file form 8832 with form 2553?

The instructions for IRS form 2553 state that a "corporation or other entity" that is eligible to be treated as a corporation must use this form to be treated as an S corporation. If the corporatio... Read More »