What to expect when a baby is born at twenty six weeks?

Answer you can expect that your baby will be staying in the hospital for quite a while. and you can only visit it sometimes, you can have any chance of a virus or you will not be able to see you baby beca... Read More »

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What are the survival odds of an infant born with haemolytic disease of the newborn between twenty seven and thirty weeks?

If you're a woman:To find out the time of month when you're most fertile there are tests that works much like the OTC pregnancy tests. To find out if you're fertile at all you need a thorough medic... Read More »

What if baby born after 42 weeks?

It wont be something wrong with it because it's born after 42 weeks instead of 40. Might be bigger that's all. Most women go over the expected date.

What are the risks on having a baby born at 36 to 37 weeks?

In the UK - which currently has the highest incidence of pre-term births in Europe - around 7% of births occur before 37 weeks, with 98% of these being after the 32nd week. But for a mother who ha... Read More »

What do you call a baby at 5 weeks that has not been born?