What to expect when a baby is born at twenty six weeks?

Answer you can expect that your baby will be staying in the hospital for quite a while. and you can only visit it sometimes, you can have any chance of a virus or you will not be able to see you baby beca... Read More »

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What are the survival odds of an infant born with haemolytic disease of the newborn between twenty seven and thirty weeks?

If you're a woman:To find out the time of month when you're most fertile there are tests that works much like the OTC pregnancy tests. To find out if you're fertile at all you need a thorough medic... Read More »

If you are 37 weeks 2 cm dilated and 60 percent effaced and the baby's head is VERY low how much longer should you expect before going into labor?

Answer You could go into labout tomorrow or you may have to wait 3-4 weeks, there is no way of telling.

Will a baby born at 34 weeks be ok?

if the lungs are developed then it will be ok but it may need some help breathing if they are not

If a baby is born at 36 weeks will it be OK?

Yes. At 36 weeks a baby is fully developed. He/she may be a little lighter than the majority of babies who are born. However, there should not be any problems. It should not mean that you and your ... Read More »