What to expect for braces?

Answer I got braces put on when I was 10 and got them taken off when I was 13..and now I'm 20 with a nice straight smile! It's not much fun, i'll tell you that much. Getting them on doesn't hurt but for t... Read More »

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What to expect with braces?

Don't worry about it. They tell you what foods you can't eat, stick to the list and you're less likely to cause damage to your teeth or the braces.It'll hurt a bit for a few days after they are on ... Read More »

Getting braces off, what to expect?

Hey!Well firstly, congratulations! 2 years is a long time to have them, I had my braces for 3 years!It didn't hurt me, and it shouldn't hurt you, but it will feel weird. If you thought getting your... Read More »

I go july 21st to get my braces,what should i expect?

Your mouth will feel weird for a day or so, maybe a little slimey. Your vacation will be awesome though because the pain will be gone and you can eat anything you want!

I'm getting my braces off tommorow.. what should i expect?