What to eat/drink to make me vomit?

Answer i cant remember straight up the stuff that makes you vomit , but theres like " brooklax " that,ll make you literally run to the bathroom and it looks just like chocolate ! you,ll literally be doing... Read More »

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What are things that make you vomit?

A substance that causes vomiting is called an emetic. It comes from the Greek emetikos. Emetics are generally used in emergency situations such as certain types of poisoning. Syrup of Ipecac is a w... Read More »

What are things to smell that make you vomit?

Your Mom, Your Mama, Jo Mama, and Your Mommy

What kind of drugs make you vomit and twitch?

Heroin can make you vomit, nod off, and itchy. From my experience with heroin addicts, regular users also develop a grayish pallor and when high, generally have a slight frown. And hello! Needle ma... Read More »

What can i eat or drink that will make me vomit a alot?

syrup of Ipacac (sp?). You can buy at any pharmacy. Or I can send you a pic of my saggy boobs-that will instantly cause repulsion and horror.