What to eat when constipated and pregnant?

Answer As far as treating the constipation it's no different than if your not pregnant, eat lots of fiber drink lots of water avoid folic acid etc.

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What can you trake if im pregnant and constipated?

If you find yourself constipated frequently while taking prenatal vitamins, you can take vitamins that don't have iron supplements, then take a slow release iron tablet to prevent anemia. To preven... Read More »

What to do when baby is constipated?

What do you do when your constipated?

You can get it out within 15 minutes gas and bloat if you get one of those in red or white enema bag and then just put some Vaseline on the tip have some water on rrigate your bottom just hol... Read More »

Can you be pregnant if your breasts are sore constipated feel sick throughout the day and constant headaches?