What to eat to avoid drinking smell coming from mouth?

Answer carrot is the best thing to avoid drinking smell.. another method are eat egg. chewingum ect

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When you go in your house and you smell burnt plastic and you don't know where the smell is coming from but you know it's not the dishwasher what do you do?

What is that smell coming from behind the wall?

Yes it definitely could be a dead rodent of some sort in your walls... We had one and it stunk pretty bad for a while. We didn't want to tear out our ceiling so we just had to wait it out. Then i... Read More »

What can I do about the bad smell coming from my kitchen sink drain?

Pour half cup of baking soda in the sink, then pour 1 cup of white distilled vinegar down - it will bubble away, and will remove any bad smell.You can repeat as often as you like - flush with runni... Read More »

What might cause a chemical smell coming from a refrigerator?

another queryId love to know the answer. I have a fridge Id been storing, unplugged, in the garage and it smells like chemicals now. I;ve wanted to sell it but I have no idea why it smells so bad.G... Read More »