What to do with printer end of lifedo printer manufacturers make printers last only a certain period of time?

Answer Here is the fix for the problem...replace the waste ink pad. In the event you don't have one and want the reset only ;) follow the link below. It has step by step instructions for resetting the c... Read More »

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Why do printer manufacturers expect me to purchase a usb lead as an extra?

Its the same with anything you buy m8. I bought a 32" wide screen telly with video and a DVD player. It was sold to me as a complete working set up. When i got home there was 2 scart leads missing.... Read More »

I have two computers, and one printer, is it possible to connect them both up to one printer at a time?

Assuming that both computers are networked together, then you can have a computer access the printer over the network.To do this, click Start >> Printers and Faxes.Printer Tasks (in the top left) >... Read More »

I've Heard Repeatedly that Manufacturers of Ink-Jet Printers Are Deliberately Under Pricing their Printers-?

I don't have an answer, but I sure have a comment. I like my Lexmark printer, but I feel I've been robbed every time I but new ink cartridges. For a low paid community college history instructor,... Read More »

I have canon pixma mp160 2 in 1 printer. when i on the printer alarm lights glow printer not working.?

Here is the support site