What to do with leftover cake pops?

Answer Break them apart and layer them with instant pudding and whipped topping. Pour fudge on top for extra moisture.

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Cake pops/ cake balls covering?

i don't know if it works but what about marshmallows?

Can I use this to cover my Cake Pops?

How to Make Cake Pops?

Move over cupcakes; cake pops are a lot more fun! Cake pops are a sweet treat consisting of cake turned into a lollipop. Originally made famous by Bakerella, [1] cake pops also ended up in Starbuck... Read More »

How to Restore Moisture in Leftover Cake?

Like most baked goods, cakes contain a great deal of moisture that needs to be maintained to keep the cake from going stale. Staleness usually occurs when the water content of food eventually evapo... Read More »