What to do with all these frozen strawberries?


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What drink can I make with frozen strawberries and a blender?

Strawberry blender drinksABSOLUTELY EASY BLENDER DRINK1. Fill blender halfway with frozen strawberries. Cover with pineapple juice. Blend for 2 minutes. Serves 2-3.Ingredients: 2 (juice .. strawbe... Read More »

Can you dip frozen strawberries in chocolate?

You cannot use frozen strawberries for dipping in chocolate. The strawberries must be completely dry for them to come out correctly. Any moisture on the berries will cause the chocolate mixture to ... Read More »

Can fresh strawberries be frozen?

Freeze fresh strawberries by washing and gently them patting dry, removing the hulls, if desired, and placing them in the freezer on a flat baking sheet. Once they're fully frozen, put the strawber... Read More »

How long can strawberries be frozen?

When properly prepared for freezing, strawberries can be stored in your freezer for a substantial amount of time. For best quality, William Schafer and Shirley T. Munson of the University of Minnes... Read More »