What to do with a TV remote that won't work even after new batteries?

Answer Because Bill Onryte wanted to.

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Batteries on camera wont work?

It depends a lot on the camera. My daughter had a Casio which never worked with rechargeable batteries even though the manual said it should do. My mother-in-law's Canon works fine with them!Stan... Read More »

Why wont my SKY remote work?

If the remote isn't working the TV then it's probably because it hasn't been programmed right. This link to the Satcure website will help you program the remote correctly: Read More »

Vizio Remote Channel Up/Down wont work?

1. Go to "Menu"2. Go to "TV"3. Run the "Auto Search"4. Wait until it's completed it's run through5. Problem fixed.Your welcome.Dash, do us a favor, and go jump off a cliff.....

Why wont mt Directv remote work with samsung?

For the 2010 season, DirecTV is paying the NFL $700 million for the rights to the Sunday Ticket package. A new four year contract kicks in for the 2011 season at $1 billion per season.