What to do when you're hungry and nauseous at the same time?

Answer Oh, so sorry! Yeah, nausea meds won't do jack for Celiac Disease, that I've seen. Sometimes anti-inflammatories can help to calm things down. Also, some people actually do well with pepto-bismal, ... Read More »

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Does the smell of frying bacon make you nauseous or hungry?

Always hungry. In fact all the veggies I know say the same. If they were ever going to stray from the righteous path it would be bacon that tempted them.xxFJ

Will your fussy 3-year-old son eat on his own when he is hungry if you do not nag him all the time?

Answer Yes. I have fussy eaters and if they are hungry, they will eat what I put out. I always offer one alternative that never changes, a plain peanut butter sandwich if they wont eat dinner. Nagg... Read More »

I am nauseous and tired all the time, what do I do?

With all that's going on in your life at the moment -moving,the kids', new challenge,new job, new people,uncertainty etc-i bet from your stat's alone-your the kind of mom that always puts and keeps... Read More »

For weight loss which is better eat only when hungry or on a time table?

Eating smaller amounts of food every 3 to 4 hours will speed up your metabolsm. It may take your body a few weeks to get use to eating this often, but eventually your body will adapt to it. When y... Read More »