What to do when your lame-ass little sister won't let you use her things?

Answer slap her you suck man.

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Your little sister keeps stealing your things and your parents dont care and they wont let you get a lock on your door please help what should you do?

well I would tell your parents to make a plan to ketch her in the act

If you have a sister biger than you and she always takes things from you without knowing and when you see her taken it sometimes u say something and sometimes no and u give her things but she doesn't?

Why wont your sister take a joke?

Maybe your idea of a joke is something that is painful to her, emotionally.

Why your sister wont shut up?

because she is in need of attention or is just trying to bother you for a recent sibling fight. to make her stop it is possible if you treat her with respect and/or give her some of your TLC.