What to do when your lame-ass little sister won't let you use her things?

Answer slap her you suck man.

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Your little sister keeps stealing your things and your parents dont care and they wont let you get a lock on your door please help what should you do?

well I would tell your parents to make a plan to ketch her in the act

What are nice things to do for your little sister?

What you can do be nice for your sister is mabe buy her a cake or buy her a present of what she really likes.

How do you get your aggressive little sister to stop annoying you and borrowing your things?

Tell her to stop. If not, to prevent her from borrowing your things, I recommend putting them into a different place so she doesn't find them.

What are some good things about having a little sister?

they can be REALLY sweet, and (if you are a girl) you can dress them up. also you can use them to test things out. like when i was littler i had the them go down a slide, that sometimes had spider,... Read More »