What to do when your father breaks your heart?

Answer A father is just a normal human being that will make mistakes by either saying or doing the wrong thing while trying to help raise his child or children. It is important that there are good communi... Read More »

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What can a father do if mother breaks court order and he is paying his support?

Return to court and file a contempt against her explaining which court order she is violating.

Help! my father has pain at his heart area!?

"Nair" blew it. He diagnosed your father with heart disease with no tests or examination.A lot of things can cause pain in the chest. The heart is just one. Without seeing him and knowing about any... Read More »

My father has just had a silent heart attack,what is this exactly?

It's pretty much the same as a normal heart attack except there are usually no symptoms like chest pain or pressure. Any symptoms that are experienced wouldn't usually be associated with a heart at... Read More »

Today is my father's open heart surgery ...?

hey prabhuu !!! tu bhi yaar ..kya choti si baat ki tension leeti hain heart surgery is not a major deal ...yaar medical science is now perfect and will handle ur dad case easily..u need not ... Read More »