What to do when your dad leaves home?

Answer you should call him a lot and prepare for his homecoming he will always love a big hug after a long day month or week mean while let him know that you miss him if he is far away send him pictures o... Read More »

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What do you do if your boyfriend leaves a little girl home by herself?

well that depends on the age. if they are 1-8 i would say it is bad because you never know what they would do. like the door bell ring. at first the girl would think oh! im a big girl so i will ans... Read More »

How to extract caffeine from tea leaves at home ?

(A) extractionWeigh Tea 8g loaded Soxhlet extractor filter barrel, 80mL 95% of medical alcohol and a few pieces of zeolite in the extractor flask, Soxhlet extractor installed, connected to the cond... Read More »

How to Cope When Your Only Child Leaves Home?

You always knew that your only child was going to leave home, but it always seemed so far away. Now the time has come and you are wondering how you are going to cope with this new stage in your lif... Read More »

What if a 16 year old in minnesota is being mistreated in the home and leaves?

You have no rights and life is dangerous as a runaway. If you stay with someone and is reported as a runaway they are harboring a runaway which is illegal. The police will look for you. Better to c... Read More »