What to do when your brother and sisters annoy you?

Answer go in your room put head phones in and listen to music if u dont have an ipod put the radio on and if you share a bed room with the siblin then go into another room and just calm down trust me i ha... Read More »

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How do you annoy your older sisters?

How do you annoy your brother?

*well, what is your favorite song? sing that all the time :~] *pour paper confetti in to his umbrella and wait until a rainy day :~] *poke a hole in his drinking straw :~] *make a fake mess :~] ... Read More »

How can you annoy your brother?

Easy! Embarrass him. Go and find him while he's near his mates (or even better, a girl he's trying to impress) and yell his pet name or something stupid, or say something like 'Oh, I managed to fin... Read More »

How to Annoy Your Brother?

Ever needed to annoy your brother? This article will instruct you on how to do that.