What to do when your 9 year old swears?

Answer Answer If your husband or you swear even occasionally in your home then 'monkey see, monkey do.' There are several methods with dealing with this problem of swearing: If your husband and you have s... Read More »

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What to do if your mom repeatedly swears and screams at you?

You should talk to her about it. Tell her that it's frightful when she screams and curse at you. If it doesn't get better you should have someone else help you talk to her. If it ends up with her u... Read More »

Wikipedia but with swears and bad'er language?…now give me my bunny! ^^

How to Get Someone Who Swears at School Into Trouble?

Is there someone in your school who swears all the time in school and yet never gets in trouble for it? Do you want to be the one who finally makes them pay for their mouth? Here's a good way to do... Read More »

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