What to do when you fractured your toe?

Answer Broken ToeBroken Toe TreatmentThe treatment for a broken toe can be cared for at home in some situations; however, a broken toe may require medical treatment.Caring for a broken toe at home include... Read More »

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How to Tell if You Have a Fractured Pelvis?

A pelvic fracture, when one of the bones in the pelvis is broken, can be caused by a fall from a height or a severe impact. In the elderly or those with a bone-weakening disease such as osteoporosi... Read More »

Fractured ankle, 10 pts?

Boots do not immobilize very well. If the doctor needs your ankle to be very immobilized, then the cast is your only option. If you ankle just needs more support and immobilization is not required ... Read More »

How do u know if u fractured ur knee?

If you can stand on it, it is NOT fractured.It is more likely sprained.It doesn't mean it won't hurt. If it doesn't get better soon, see an Orthopedic Surgeon. You may have damaged the ligaments an... Read More »

Could my wrist be fractured?

Sometimes with a wrist fracture that occurs from catching yourself like you describe, the bones maintain normal position for a day or two. The "jamming" of the bones can disguise a broken wrist te... Read More »