What to do when you are 7 months pregnant cramping and having discharges?

Answer Answer 7 months pregnant and cramping omg call your doctor

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You havent had sex but you have been having really bad cramping you are 2 months late for your period what is the problem?

Answer I suggest you see a doctor. This site is for general advice not for diagnosis.

Can you be pregnant if you have cramping for 4 months straight even with your period and have ben on the pill for 9 months but missed about 2 weeks?

Birth Control can increase your chances of getting pregnant if you miss pills or take them at diffrent times. And it is possible to become pregnant and still have you period so I would take a pregn... Read More »

You have been having bad cramping for a couple weeks and your two months late for period but havent had sex before either what is going on?

Answer It could be anything, if you havent had sex it is not pregnancy, it could be stress. Go and see your doctor to get checked out. Answer I don't want to scare you, but you should really see ... Read More »

32weeks pregnant and have been on terb for contractions and tonight you've been having a lot of cramping and you've rested but it hurts when you get up what could this be?

Answer For heavens sake woman, get thee to the hospital. You are already at risk of premature labor and you are asking questions on here.