What to do when you accidently threw out your razer deathadder's cd?

Answer Download drivers from the website.CD drivers are outdated and worthless anyways.

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Razer Megalodon VS Razer Star Wars: The Old Republic?

I suggest the SWTOR, u may get cheap SWTOR here… Share you this 6% discount coupon code: ALLCDKEY99016 on your All Games purchase!

How to sneak a sidekick threw walk threw school scanners?

Take the battery out and put the battery and ur bag. The battery sets the scanners off. Its too big to hide anywhere on ur body.

Razer lachesis cursor moves when ı click?

call the maker of the computer they will help you ove the phone

As a train conductor, what would you do if a passenger threw a handful of change in your face?

kick him in his meatballs, then kick his a$$ off the train!