What to do when shredded cheese change flavor in the refrigerator but no sign of mold?

Answer The change in flavour come from it still maturing.It is also a sign that it will start to mould shortly. It is one of the few products you need to keep an eye on the use by date and keep that as a ... Read More »

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Bacon & Cheese Omelet Bowl of Shredded Wheat or a Corn Muffin Which do you like better for Breakfast?

Bacon and Cheese Omelet, that would be so good! BTW, thanks for coming to my defense in the football section! :D

Which grows mold, white cheese or yellow cheese?

Both yellow and white cheese grow mold. Certain types of white cheese, such as Gorgonzola and Roquefort, are hard cheeses that are supposed to have mold. Soft cheeses, like cheddar and mozzarella,... Read More »

What is flavor does mascarpone cheese have?

Recipe for chicken, egg, italian bread crumbs, chicken broth, mushrooms, shredded cheese?

sounds like a good recipe but things i would do different is use larger pieces of chicken, make a sauce with the chicken broth, use swiss cheese then top each piece of chicken with a thin slice of ... Read More »