What to do when pregnant to get intelligent child?

Answer Be healthy. Stay away from drugs of any kind (illegal, over the counter, or prescription). Take a vitamin supplement. Eat a lot of fish, but not fish that's high in mercury (studies have shown that... Read More »

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If the father of your child is an illegal immigrant and abandoned you when you were pregnant can he obtain vistation rights to his child in Virginia?

Answer This is an extremely complexed issue, in that federal authorities have jurisdiction over immigration issues and state's establish domestic relation laws such as the custodial and/or visita... Read More »

How to Raise an Intelligent Child?

With the world turning out the way it is today, it helps to make sure that our future generations have the intelligence to deal with society and daily problems. Not only that, but you don't want yo... Read More »

Anyone have an intelligent guess when C will re-institute its dividend and at what rate?

This is just a guess on my part. They will want to re-institute their dividend as soon as they reasonably can as it will give encouragement to the market. A lot will depend on how their earnings ... Read More »

Is it safe to carry a 45 lb child when you are 10 weeks pregnant?

Answer As long as you are having a healthy pregnancy, it's probably OK. I would say not to carry him constantly, but you can't refuse to hold him for 9 months. That isn't fair. If it feels to un... Read More »