What to do when having pregnancy cramps?

Answer sometimes it helps me if i massage my belly, i also use one of those warm packs, it a bag filled with rice you can put it in the microwave and get it warm. You have to be careful with that though -... Read More »

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What does it mean when you are having cramps like you are getting ready to start your period but you haven't started yet and your also having pregnancy symptoms?

Is it a sign of pregnancy if you are having contraction-like cramps?

Answer I have contraction like cramps,and I just found out I was pregnant, but a good idea wood be to take a HPT to determine the pregnancy,If it says negative and you still haven't started your pe... Read More »

Are having cramps headaches and dizziness signs of pregnancy?

When you are 38 weeks and 1Cm dilated having horrible back and leg pains and also having menstrual cramps is this a sign of labor coming soon?

In labourBack pain - particularly lower back pain can definitely be an indicator of labour onset.Labor pains are exactly the same as menstrual cramps, so you may be going into labor.Unfortunately t... Read More »