What to do when flesh of arm comes off?

Answer You should troll some more, that for sure heals arm wounds fast as hell.. Apple pie!

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How to Get Rid of Flesh Flies?

Flesh flies are unusually large flies with stripes on their thorax. They have a thick body and limbs as well as bright red eyes. These annoying pests can grow to be an inch long.

How to Take the Flesh Off of a Taxidermy Hide?

A pelt or hide that is to be turned into a taxidermy mount will need to be completely cleaned of fat and flesh before it can be tanned. Thin pelts such as fox and bobcat come off the carcass with l... Read More »

What to do if a flesh wound is still bleeding?

Clean your wound with running water and apply pressure on the site. If it still continues to bleed, i think it will be best to go to an infirmary/ emergency room and seek for a professional advice. :)

The flesh of my apple has pink on it?

As mentioned in other answers, some apples do have a pink colored flesh. But it's possible, if you're just seeing a spot of pink, it could be the start of a little mold... when CAN be pink-ish.