What to do when baby is constipated?

Answer put its legs to its tummy i thinkk..?

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Does a baby get a fever when constipated?

As a human being, 'Daddy' relies on the regular consumption of fluids to survive. If 'Daddy' stopped drinking, he would die of dehydration and you would never be able to see him again.

What can you do if a baby is constipated?

Feed him Maltsupex. It works every time, and is the un-constipator.First thing to do is to consider the diet of the baby. There may be reasons that the baby is constipated. You can consider a teasp... Read More »

Can a baby get constipated if a women on her period hold the baby?

AnswerNo. They are two nonrelated physiological processes. No chemical transfer is possible.women cannot be on their period when pregnant

What do you do when your constipated?

You can get it out within 15 minutes gas and bloat if you get one of those in red or white enema bag and then just put some Vaseline on the tip have some water on rrigate your bottom just hol... Read More »