What to do when a six year old seldom talks?

Answer You have to take general education courses first and then when you have completed those you can start gearing towards taking classes for teaching special education. If you would JUST like to teach ... Read More »

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Why do doctors seldom get sick?

Your theory of repeated exposure may have some merit. Most of us get the flu shot annually. I got the adult pneumococcal vaccine for my 60th birthday. (Woulda rather had a cake!) Also, we learn to ... Read More »

What drives me crazy.whats 2 inches away from your hand and seldom used in a car indicators.?

People who don't use their turn indicators should be strung up from a tree and blindfolded while Rosie ODonnell tells bad jokes and rubs her wessoned oiled body against them.Use your turn signals.

Why a child talks by himself?

Clean urine, say, taken from the middle part of urinating, is sterile: no germs)

How to Be Friends With Someone Who Talks Too Much?

We love our friends. But occasionally, a friend who has the gift of the gab can seem a little tiresome if she or he doesn't know when to stop. You respect your friend but you'd like her or him to l... Read More »