What to do when Iphone 4 keeps restarting?

Answer There is an app in the Apple Store

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Laptop Keeps Restarting When Turned On?

There are a number of things that can cause this. First, see if you can boot to safe mode. On most systems, when you first turn on the computer, tap the F8 key repeatedly until you come to a blac... Read More »

My computer keeps on restarting on me every time i log in, what do i do?

My computer keeps restarting, but nothing that I`ve tried works.What`s going on?

have u tried the main power lead it could be split somewhere and arcing if u have another 1 try it out, check it over is there a loose connection in the plug? i had a break in mine inside the insul... Read More »

Computer keeps restarting?

It may be a fatal error that is causing the computer to restart. You can easily stop the restart problem by changing your system features to restrict automatic startup when your computer's having a... Read More »