What to do when I have all these restaurants gift cards but can't use them?

Answer Sell them on EBAY.

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Do you automatically check the balance of gift cards prior to using them for purchase?

I always do even if it is from a relative! My aunt gave me a $100.00 American express gift card for my wedding. Well I went and got all of the stuff I wanted and got to the register where they tol... Read More »

When I am making gift bows from junk mail, do you have any tips to make them look neater?

This is a very cute idea.Well, I tried it, and this is what I learned.How pointy the corners are all depends on how far you twist the paper. Of course you have to keep the tension on the paper stri... Read More »

Are app store gift cards and gamestop gift cards the same?

No. They are not the same but you can buy app store gift cards at gamestop.

I have a htc vivid phone and when im talking the person on their phone cant hear me but i can here them?

Not enough information, there a million reasons why this might happen. I'll just throw down a few troubleshooting ideas based on reasons I've encountered recently;Have you taken the screen protect... Read More »