What to do to ease pain wisdom teeth are coming out?

Answer I would call your dentist or even your doctor and ask what they advise you to do, if you really think you could be pregnant. Something mild like Motrin SHOULD be okay to take in the meantime, but h... Read More »

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I have wisdom teeth coming in and causing a lot of pain...?

I used that Anbesol stuff or whatever its called. It works to numb up like half of your mouth. Sounds like you need to get that mess cut out fast, all stretching the gums and getting impacted and i... Read More »

How to treat pain from wisdom teeth coming in?

see your dentist or oral surgeon they can give you somethin for pain like vicodin/percocet because you can become immune to orajel/anbesol and that ibprofen can make your stomach bleed and make you... Read More »

Can your wisdom teeth become infected while they are surfacing and if so how can you tell the difference between the pain from wisdom teeth surfacing and infection?

Answer: Clarification: 1.Does the infected wisdom teeth mean the wisdom tooth had a cavity while it was partially erupting and that there was no means for the tooth to be cleaned properly because m... Read More »

Is it normal to have neck and shoulder pain in addition to jaw pain when a wisdom tooth is coming in?

I've been working on my honey's back and neck for years, and I've noticed that it's all connected. You may be tensing your shoulder and neck because of the pain in your mouth. Or a nerve could be ... Read More »