What to do to control your frustration when a baby is crying?

Answer count to ten with all the pacience in the world. you could also get a stress ball if counting doesn't work. if even that doesn't help, try punching something else (like a pillow or punching bag).

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What do you do when you have a crying baby?

my girlfriend siad you need to figure the answer to your problem by checking the baby from head to toe to see if there is a poopy diaper or if she/he is running a fever

What is the sickness when a baby is holding their head and crying and is warm and red bumps?

it sounds like infant acne - starts at around 4-5 weeks. My LO was born July 29 and got it last week. It supposedly peaks around 6 weeks and can last til like 3 months, but goes away on it's own. B... Read More »

How to Take the Frustration Out of Inventory Control?

You can take the frustration out of most areas of inventory control through the proper use of technology, selective delegation and consistent employee training. Inventory control is how a company m... Read More »

How do you stop your baby from crying?

AnswerAs long as your baby doesn't have a fever try the good old rocking chair. Babies generally loved to be held close and rocked. I've heard that some parents have had to take their baby for a dr... Read More »