What to do the day after a HUGE BINGE?

Answer There's seriously NO NEED for you to be freaking out. Everyone has eaten to the point of being uncomfortably full, and to be perfectly honest - I wouldn't consider that to be a "huge binge". I have... Read More »

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How to Cope After a Food Binge?

We've all binged, whether it's because we were bored, or hungry, or even upset. This is a human reaction. After a binge you are likely to feel guilty, anxious, depressed or low on self worth. A lot... Read More »

After how many days of binge drinking is alcohol detox necessary?

If you are addicted, all it takes is one day.

Who's going binge drinking with me after I deliver my baby?

I was pregnant on my 21st birthday. That didn't stop me from getting wasted. LOL J/K. I had no desire to drink while pregnant or for a long time after I had my son. It's hard to believe 20% of wome... Read More »

Should I go to usc and pay off huge loans after college or go to ucsd?

ucsd. this is coming from a usc fan. ucsd has a respectable engineering program and has been called one of the public ivy schools so, id go with ucsd since its like half the price of USC.