What to do the day after a HUGE BINGE?

Answer There's seriously NO NEED for you to be freaking out. Everyone has eaten to the point of being uncomfortably full, and to be perfectly honest - I wouldn't consider that to be a "huge binge". I have... Read More »

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I binge eat a lot...?

Perhaps a mental health professional specializing in eating disorders?

Is this considered a binge day?

Not really! You may have had an extra snack but we all have that 1-2 a week, sometimes more. What you ate was mostly good for you anyway, so no worries!

Is it ok to only binge the bad food you eat?

any type of bulimia is bad, whether or not she's only purging the bad stuff. it would be best for her to go back to the therapist and get the help that she clearly needs.

How to See the Signs of Binge Eating?

The signs of binge eating are very important as you may not know you have this illness like me. This is an eating disorder that affects the lives of millions of people; if left untreated it can oft... Read More »