What to do on friday night?

Answer got to p.j clark's on 3rd avenue for happy hour and appetizers around 7:00 p.m.then go to chelsea place between 17th and 18th for some good music, etc. you should get there around 9:30!

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Okay, so i have a night out on friday?

try high heeled shoes with suspenders and nothing else. My emial is on my profile if you want to send a piccy for my opinion

Hookah bar Friday night?

omg cmon no it wont! the hookah aint even as strong as REAL smoke.. some people smoke every day if you smoke one time yull be ok..

What to do on a Friday night if you're a minor?

Sorry but no .. you have to be 21 for alcohol, 18 for hookah. Just the way it is kids!

What's your night to party, Friday or Saturday?

Every night theres a party in my mind...:)