What to do if you've been scammed?

Answer Call your bank and find out who deducted the money from your checking account. There has to be a name, address and phone attached to actual transaction.Why do I know this? Scammed myself of cours... Read More »

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I've been scammed what to do?

try a different company, report the company to trading standers, sticking an aerial with tape is bad, and paying a fee of forty pounds is daylight robbery.

Help I was just scammed!?

First, if you didn't pay extra for Microsoft Office itself (not the $45 installation charge), you didn't buy it and don't have leg to stand on. In this case, yeah, you paid $45 for something you c... Read More »

How to Know You Are Being Scammed in a Relationship?

If you ever suspected your significant other is scamming your life long proceeds and keeping you up at night worrying about your finances, please read on.

Just Got Scammed on Ebay......?

thanks for letting everyone know thet spoil it for everybody else don't they. i got scammed once but only for 2 quid so weren't fussed infact i thought it pretty funny!! i bidded on 50 lights for 2... Read More »