What to do if your sixteen and pregnant?

Answer PANIC!!! I am just kidding,let this 11 yr. old tell u what to do. #1. Tell your parent(s). # 2. Ask mom and/or dad 4 help.

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Can you move in with the guy who got you pregnant if you are sixteen?

Answer It really depends on where you live and if you are married or Some states you have to have parents permission to get married but I know in Georgia you can get married to anyone no mat... Read More »

If you are sixteen and pregnant what are your mom's limits on telling you what you can and cannot do?

Answer A pregnant minor does not have special rights. She is still under the custody of her parent(s) until she reaches the age of majority or until a court decides otherwise. She does however ret... Read More »

If you become pregnant at sixteen in Georgia can you move out?

if you get pregnant in Georgia at 16 you can move out and get married it was on george Lopez

Can you drop out of school when you are younger than sixteen if you are pregnant?

Answer In Canada you can, but you can have either homeschooling or a Tutor. It's important to get that education. It will also take your mind off your problems. Once the baby is born you can go... Read More »