What to do if your sixteen and pregnant?

Answer PANIC!!! I am just kidding,let this 11 yr. old tell u what to do. #1. Tell your parent(s). # 2. Ask mom and/or dad 4 help.

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If you are sixteen and pregnant what are your mom's limits on telling you what you can and cannot do?

Answer A pregnant minor does not have special rights. She is still under the custody of her parent(s) until she reaches the age of majority or until a court decides otherwise. She does however ret... Read More »

What are your rights as a pregnant sixteen year old mother and want to live with your babies fatherif you live in VA?

Answer It depends on the State or country you live in.If I live in the state of Virgina and I get pragnant at age sixteen and want to move in with the father could I?

You are sixteen years old and your fifteen year old girlfriend is pregnant can she move to another state with your kid?

You could demand a paternity test, if you are the father you could get rights to the child. But if she moves to a different state you most likely wouldn't see the child very much. Good luck!

Can you move out of your parents' house at sixteen years old if you are pregnant?

AnswerNo, being pregnant does not change the legal age of majority law in the state where the minor is living. Likewise being pregnant or having a child will not automatically confer emancipation u... Read More »