What to do if your prescriptions are stolen?

Answer call the pharmacy ASAP and tell them so that they can be canceled and then re-issued to you...after calling, appear in person (or go in person in the first place,whichever is quickest,bring your id... Read More »

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What kind of stolen property is covered and does it have to be stolen from your house or car?

Answer You don't say what type of policy, I will assume homeowners, it depends on the policy form, most auto policies will not cover ANY personal property. Most homeowners policies may exclude the... Read More »

If you take medication regularly and are getting a divorce will your ex's medical insurance still cover your prescriptions?

Prescriptions and Divorce You will more than likely be dropped from the program.However, you can stay on his plan until the divorce is final. After that, if it's an Employer Group plan you can get ... Read More »

What does your insurance company do when your car is stolen?

Comprehensive insurance covers the loss of a vehicle that is not the result of a driving related accident, including theft. Not all policies include comprehensive insurance. If the stolen car has t... Read More »

If your Magic Jack is lost or stolen, what happens to your phone number?

the MagicJack number will always be yours, because you have registered this number just for you!!yes, you're right! It;s a big money saver, because you can plug it in anywhere in the world that has... Read More »