What to do if your parents wont pay for college tuition?

Answer If your parents refuse to give their information,then you can request an override from the school. It's up to the school whether they choose to approve or deny you. If you are approved, you will ... Read More »

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How can you get money for college if you are 19 and your parents wont pay, you have no credit, and no job?

federal student loans like the Unsubsidized Stafford loan require no credit check and no cosigner. She can get them by applying at http://fafsa.ed.govShe will need to enter her mother and stepfath... Read More »

Your little sister keeps stealing your things and your parents dont care and they wont let you get a lock on your door please help what should you do?

well I would tell your parents to make a plan to ketch her in the act

What Parenting Quotes did your parents use that you wont or will not use with your kids?

Do we have the same parents because that sounds just like my dad!The biggest one I can think of is "I am going to knock you into tomorrow if you don't cool it" or the famous "next time"Funny thing ... Read More »

Did you parents or grandparents save up for your education tuition?

I went to college from 1982 to 1986. Typical 4 year degree at an out-of-state, private college.The entire ball of wax - tuition, room, food, books, lab fees, and transportatiion cost me roughly $3... Read More »