What to do if your boyfriend wont give you space?

Answer Get a restraining order.

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How to Give Your Boyfriend Space?

He says he wants more space; you jump to the conclusion he wants out...It's a running joke that men need lots of personal space, but when your boyfriend’s the one doing the asking, it sure stops ... Read More »

Your boyfriend wont say he loves you but he do all he can do for you he just wont say it?

Hi this is rishikesh from India and is appliying for nasa space student contest can you please give me some name of books based on space science?

The real reason we didn't go back is that Nixon canceled as much of the Apollo program as he could get away with, since it was a Democrats' idea. No bucks, no Buck Rogers. He renamed Cape Kennedy "... Read More »

Im 15 and your boyfriend hit me and then i dumped him now he won't leave me alone and he wont stop calling me what should you do he is 18?

Immediately tell your parents or another trusted adult and then call the police to report the incident.Do not hesitate to report this incident. It is a crime to assault another person. If not for y... Read More »