What to do if your 2 year old fell from the chair and hit her arms and shoulders?

Answer Consult a physician as soon as possible.

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I just fell out of my chair and broke my @SS Do I need a sling?

I'm sure god blessed you with another sittin on your neck so walk it off nancy

So i fell of a chair and landed on the floor on my arm i cant move it and when i do its soo painful?

You have probably bruised or jarred it badly. Is there not an adult with you that can have a look and see how badly you have hurt yourself.? If you are alone and you still cannot move it then you w... Read More »

Ok, serious question...I fell off of a chair and landed on my ankle with my foot bent at a 45 degree angle?

Ankle sprain or strain..been there, done that. Stay offa it as much as you can. It can take some time to heal. Most likely not broken..but of course get it checked if it worsens. Good fun.... Read More »

My back, shoulders, and butt itch, should I try Head and Shoulders or Selson Blue?