What to do if your 10-year old child has a fever of 101.2?

Answer Soak the child in bbq sauce

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Is a fever of 95.5 is this a concern for your 3 year old child?

isn't normal human body temp lik 96.7 or something? if so your baby is not having a fever rather he might be decreasing his internal body heat. a fever normally starts around 100.1 temp which is mi... Read More »

What can qill happen to a 105.9 fever for a 10 year old child?

Pediatrics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Pediatrics (also spelled paediatrics) is the branch of medicine that deals with the medical care of infants, children, and adolescents. The upper age l... Read More »

What to do to help 2 year old child with a fever?

The statue actually says; A person who shall carry, or cause to be carried, a living animal or creature in or upon a vehicle or otherwise, in a cruel or inhumane manner, shall be guilty of a disord... Read More »

If A child is found to have a fever of forty degrees Celsius how does a high fever affect the tissues in this child?