What to do if you burn yourself with a clothing iron..?

Answer Iron shirt before putting on.It is critical to remember this.

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What should be the temperature setting on your iron when you iron cotton clothing?

Hot iron for best results!,steam iron is a great help when fabric has become a little dry.

I burnt my ring finger by a clothing iron.?

Immediately cool the burn by running it under cold water. Apply a bandage. If you have white marks, you will probably develop blisters. Don't pop them. Just keep them bandaged and they will heal.

Something for an iron burn?

After 7 mins. you could be too late, but try putting ice on it and leave it there for 3 mins. Sorry, but if you are quick, you could get away with it.

How to Clean a Burn Off an Iron?

Irons glide so nicely when newly removed from their packaging. Over time, however, dirt, starch, and burnt material makes the sole plate tacky. This makes the chore of ironing much more difficult. ... Read More »