What to do if the fire alarm in your building is going off?

Answer On One Hand: Leave the Building ImmediatelyMany fire marshals recommend that all people in the building evacuate immediately when a fire alarm goes off. Some hesitate to leave because there is a ch... Read More »

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What is a hardwired fire alarm in a commercial building?

Hardwired alarm systems use wires to connect the sensors to a control panel, as opposed to wireless alarm systems, which use radio waves. Hardwired systems are better suited for large commercial bu... Read More »

Fire alarm going off for no reason?

You replace it. Something is interfereing with the sensor. Dust can do this or a spider. It is more reasonable to replace a $20 safety device than mess with it and not know if you fixed it or br... Read More »

Have you checked your fire alarm today?

mad rush of people now to check... i did check mine not so long ago, but makes a very annoying beeping sound when needs changing, usually about 2 in the morning!just think you may be saving someone... Read More »

If a house alarm in your street had been going off for 3 HOURS..... AND STILL ON NOW. What would you do?

For a long time now burglar alarms SHOULD ( by law) switch off after 20 minutesCall your local ENVIRONMENTAL office and ask what they are prepared to do about itIf you can get away with it smash th... Read More »