What to do if the fire alarm in your building is going off?

Answer On One Hand: Leave the Building ImmediatelyMany fire marshals recommend that all people in the building evacuate immediately when a fire alarm goes off. Some hesitate to leave because there is a ch... Read More »

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What is a hardwired fire alarm in a commercial building?

Hardwired alarm systems use wires to connect the sensors to a control panel, as opposed to wireless alarm systems, which use radio waves. Hardwired systems are better suited for large commercial bu... Read More »

Fire alarm going off for no reason?

You replace it. Something is interfereing with the sensor. Dust can do this or a spider. It is more reasonable to replace a $20 safety device than mess with it and not know if you fixed it or br... Read More »

How to Pull a Fire Alarm?

If there is a fire and the building's smoke detectors haven't detected it yet, what should you do? Here is how you activate the building's fire alarm system. Pull stations are easy to spot!

What is the building code for a bathroom smoke alarm?

The Life Safety Code and National Building Code require the installation of smoke alarms in certain areas, but not in bathrooms. In fact, because steam from a bathroom may trigger a smoke alarm, yo... Read More »